Quarantine sex stories EP1

coronavirus quarantine sex stories

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This is a genuine account of what happened to me. The only thing I have changed are our names.

So about a year ago. My wife and I were having some fun together, we had on the television, and we had logged into this site.we for some reason ended up watching some Female Domination films.

we ended up watching a video of a Domme caning some poor tv getting a good caning. He was thrashing about and yelling etc, asking for it to stop.
The title of the film was along the lines of TV-Slut get Judicial Caning. We recounted how many strokes of the cane this TV took. It was literally 8 strokes.

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I commented on how poor he/she had taken the punishment and how the “So Called Mistress” let the punishment stop, this is despite her saying he was going to get 50 strokes.

coronavirus quarantine sex stories

This started off a debate between myself and my wife. And sometimes we play bit of caning/strapping/whipping etc just to mention a few. I remember stating what a Simon only taking 8 strokes So I said he was a wimp, and the Mistress was not a genuine Mistress or she would not have stopped.
And in retaliation, my wife said “ She would like to see me take a caning” So she had laid down the gauntlet as so to speak.

So my closing words were “ Find me a Domme and I will gladly do it” About 3 weeks later I had not heard anything from my wife or the people who were caned.

Then out of the blue, my wife wanted an early night, That wasn’t the total reason for the early night. She was excited and wanted me to read the e-mail from a Pro-Domme down in London, She said she would start with about 18-20 strokes.

And in My usual cocky self, I said come on then bring it on. And as for the quantity of strokes…again I said bring it on. And I said I would quite easily take in the region of at least 80-100 strokes Plus. ‘The message we got back was a genuine reply asking if we knew the whole concept of what a Judicial Caning was, and if we were aware that once the punishment starts, then it does not stop until it has been administered in its full entirety.
What I didn’t know though, my wife had been speaking with the Mistress on the phone. They had spoken on quite a few evenings when I wasn’t around.

My wife didn’t really say much about my pending punishment, all she would say is that it’s happening and that was it.
We had some time on holiday from work. And it was the night before that she told me to get showered and to make sure every bit of hair must be removed.

coronavirus quarantine sex stories

So I showered again the following morning which was quite early. I had to apply my makeup which went exactly as I wanted to go.
I was really happy with my look, my wife had chosen my lingerie which I soon had on and my dress which was shorter than I normally wear. So when I sat down my dress would draw up my legs and stop a inch or two above my knees. My handbag was sorted by my wife, she was pushing me because I had a train to catch.

She drove me to the station and waited until the train arrived, so I was now on the train in my reserved seat. I had my iPad with me and was reading stories off the various sites like this one.

The journey was a little uncomfortable. I had a couple sat with me. It was the wife who sat at the side of me. And every opportunity she got to put her hand on my knee etc she took.
But we had plenty of chat and as I relaxed we got along really great. So the train drew to a halt in London. I went and found a taxi and was soon pulling up outside the house. The house was massive, it was a very large detached house and very well looked after.
I rang the door bell and stepped back awaiting the door opening. Then the door opened and I was told to enter the big hall. The door closed behind me And I was ushered to a very large lounge. I was offered a drink which I gladly accepted.

I took some large gulps from the ice cold water which was really refreshing. Then Mistress said that it was time to make decisions.
I was told from this point I was to address her as Miss Johnson or Mistress Johnson. And mistakes on her name would result extra punishments.
So I was asked the question “ was I still happy to continue with the agreed session?” I confirmed I was, I was then told to stand and remove my dress but keep on my lingerie.

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We got to a massive oak door and Mistress Johnson stopped and turned to face me. She asked if I was still happy to continue, again I said yes and Mistress said that once we cross the door line then any of my asks etc would be from this point on ignored. I told her that we were good to go. So I walked through the large oak door into what I can only describe as a massive torture chamber.

coronavirus quarantine sex stories

The door bang closed and Mistress locked the door saying we would not be disturbed. ThenMistress picked up a long dressage whip and started whipping me here and there with it while she ordered me to strip to my lingerie. I was then pushed onto a whipping bench where by Mistress began to strap me down. The straps went over my back in a couple of places. Then my legs lower and upper and my hands were securely stretched out of the way.

That was it I was totally secured and it was now that the fear started to creep in with me being so defenceless. Then I heard Mistress walking around behind me. I heard her picking up canes and whooshing them through the air. Some she threw to one side and she had soon picked the ones she was going to use on me. She came and stood in front of me, and crouched down so we were eye to eye and that really scared me. She told me that she was quite heartened when i said she wasn’t going to do many strokes. And she told me of the conversations that she had had with my wife and the quantities of strokes. So she said she had no problems administering 80-100 strokes…But she much preferred 150 and maybe more.

At this point she told me that it’s a Judicial Caning and therefore the minimum amount of strokes I shall receive will be 150. I can cry and yell and scream..but nobody will hear it apart form she and I. This now really had me very much on edge.

Had I stupidly bitten off more than I could chew..? I again heard her behind me. She was gauging her distance by tapping my bottom a little. Then that stopped, a whoosh was heard at just about the same time the cane sliced into my butt..I couldn’t help it I yelped and swore…Mistress said 10 more strokes for using profanities. It was useless trying to argue because more would have been added again. The 2nd stroke and another whoosh and the crack…The pain seemed harder and more intense than the 1st one. I really started to panic, how was I going to take another 158 strokes….I couldn’t. So I asked Mistress for leniency, she told me to zip it or there will be a doubling of my now 160 strokes meaning 320 strokes. It was good advice to button it. Stroke after stroke landed with pinpoint accuracy. Mistress knew where to lay one stroke on top of the other for maximum pain. The pain was immense, I never thought for one minute it would be as painful as this. I was struggling and had no idea how I would get through so many strokes.
Surely she has to be joking, but then it was my stupid bravado saying I wanted more strokes. By now I had totally lost count of how many strokes I had taken. Mistress then paused, I thought I must have had all my strokes. Then I thought she was teasing about the 150 strokes with the extra 10 for swearing. I asked Mistress if that was it. She just laughed and said I bet you wish it was over. She whispered to me 50 down just a 110 more to go.
I was partly impressed with myself, the strokes came again and I felt I was able to take them better or Mistress was being lenient. I could hear Mistress putting everything into every stroke, so I was now confused somewhat.
Why was it that they didn’t hurt as much? And then I had the most weird and wonderful sensation. It was like I had left my body while it suffered. I wasn’t there, I could hear Mistress caning me, I heard her grunt, I heard the whoosh, but I felt nothing.

coronavirus quarantine sex stories

Then again the caning stopped. Then something was placed under my nose, it soon brought me back to myself. Mistress again whispered in my ear that I had just 50 strokes left. Wow I had taken 110 strokes. But I could again feel my ass on fire. And again the familiar whoosh and crack as the cane again struck. It was painful but in a different way. It had to be a different cane. I was able to tolerate these strokes. They sort of stung less than the earlier ones. I quite liked the feel of these strokes. So much so I asked Mistress if she would cane me harder. I got called an unsavoury work and another 10 strokes. And then Mistress got to the last 10 strokes. Again she changed implement. This cane had a different sound as it whooshed through the air. And when this landed it was by far much more painful than all the other strokes. These strokes were hurting like hell and had me very close to tears. Mistress then said the last 6 and these are full on. And Mistress wasn’t wrong. Every stroke was sheer hell. How I stopped myself from swearing I do not know. But I did just..and then the caning stopped. Mistress announced that I had taken 170 strokes. She asked me if I wanted to go double…Thank you so much Mistress…but no not on this occasion to which she laughed.

She began to undo all the buckles and told me to stay put and she would help me up. As I began to get up my legs were like jelly and I couldn’t get up. Mistress helped me to my feet and walked me around the room. When I was able to stand now she gave me a really big hug. It wasn’t the easiest because Mistress was very busty, and they were forced into me, I couldn’t help but get an erection. And Mistress soon noticed it. Okay she said and laid me on my back on a bench. She then attached some rings around my very erect penis and plugged the cables into a machine.

And as she turned up the power I was really enjoying the feeling, and bit by bit she upped the power until I couldn’t hold off anymore and I spurted glum after glue of my bollock yogurt everywhere. Mistress then passed me wipes and paper towels to clean up. She then had me roll over to dress some really nasty welts from my caning.once all done we went back to the lounge fora coffee and for me to regain my composure before my taxi arrived. So it was here and with that we embraced in a massive hug and she gave me a peck and sent me on my way..
my wife looked after my welts by dressing them daily. About a few days later we got a dvd of the session..And it brought back some painful memories….
my target next is 250 strokes…


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