My Stepson’s Sex Fantasies S1EP1

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Michael and I had talked about being with another girl for what seemed like forever. I finally decided to do something about our little fantasy. I decided to make it a reality. And I had the perfect girl to join into our little menage-a-tois!

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Lisa and I are occasional models. We both keep our bodies in very good shape. She has [dyed] auburn hair and has olive skin with dark dusky nipples and pussy with soft, plump lips. Mine and hers are about the same. I’m very light complexioned, and that’s why I thought it would be interesting to have a menage-a-tois.

Lisa had given me an indication that I was very lucky to have Michael and often chatted about his great looks. She also let it be known that she appreciated girls too. Because of her exciting, active, lifestyle, I wasn’t too concerned about her being “after” Michael. But I did notice how she looked at me!

One night when Michael was working late, Lisa and I decided to go down and see him. I went in by myself to say “hello” and bring him food. I had Lisa wait out- side. I told him I had a surprise for dessert. He owns his own company and everyone had already gone home (because by now it was about 10pm).

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After a few minutes while he’s eating his dinner, we hear a knock at the door. I told him to stay put and that I would get the door. I gave him a little knowing smile so he wouldn’t be concerned it was a burglar or robber.

I let Lisa in she had on a big overcoat and an even bigger smile. (She had on lingerie underneath.) She walked directly over to me, and without even acknowledging Michael, started to kiss me on my neck, giving me a hickey. He choked on his food, but quickly recovered, and started to get up. But I told him to sit down and just “watch” us while he finished eating!

Lisa knew that my neck was my weakest spot and that she could easily heat me up by sucking and tonguing me there. She simply took control.. I had a silk skirt and matching blouse that felt fantastic on my skin and even better with her hands reaching back and massaging my behind through my Calvin high riser panties.

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It was then that I discovered she wore only her lingerie under her overcoat. It was black, lacy, and her breasts looked fantastic pushed into this beautiful ensemble. Her breasts were barely contained and I could see Michael’s eyes bulging out as he devoured his food with his mouth and Lisa’s body with his eyes.

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She was being more “forceful” (but playful) than I had ever seen her before. She lifted up my silk skirt in the back and tore at my panties. This was more like a guy than the gentle girl I knew and had modelled with! But I knew it was okay, that she wouldn’t hurt me, and I was loving it!

She continued to knead my bare bottom and made sure that Michael could see every move she made on his wife.

Over my shoulder she was eyeballing the growing bulge in his tight jeans while her finger was gently but forcefully insinuating itself into my now very wet folds from behind.

With a very dramatic flair, she wet the length of her finger with my juices and brought it to her mouth and sensuously sucked on it while looking directly into Michael’s eyes.

This is about all he could stand and as he rose, he grabbed at his ever hardening cock to free it from the constraints of his jeans. I thought it would burst out on it’s own pretty soon anyway!

Michael moved in behind me and started to kiss Lisa in a very passionate way while he shoved his crotch into [her hand] and my ass. I can tell my fragrance is having it’s effect on both of them and I am thankful that my womanhood is appreciated by both.

By now I had her jutting breasts out and I started too suck them to get her nipples real hard for Michael. (Even harder than they already were!) Behind me, I could feel her and my husband working his jeans open and his jockeys down his thighs, and heard her gasp at his 8 1/2 hard inches of steel, which made me smile.

I decided to work my way down her tummy and let them have at each other. I wanted to smell and taste her cunt for myself and started to kiss all over her lingerie covered crotch while she leaned over and started to suck Michael off.
I thought he would going to go crazy with lust! He started to groan, which told me that he was about to come.

Lisa must have known too, because she stopped and turned around and told him to stick it in, and she bent over to lick me with that long tongue of hers. He tore at the lingerie and finished my “wetting” of Lisa with a solid tonguing of his own. It was fantastic to watch my husband licking another woman’s cunt, I was so turned on be it I almost got my rocks off then and there. My belief is that most guy like to lick it first before he puts his dick into a woman.

He started to do her doggie style and I was on the desk being eaten like I had never been eaten before by Lisa with her frantic tongue and mouth. It was more than I could take. Just the mental image of what we would look like in that position made me shudder out the first of many orgasms that night.

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Now I was so wet it almost looked like water had spilled on the desk. (I have the kind of body that “leaks” liquid when I come). I want Michael in me so bad, I begged Lisa to let him fuck me, I was almost crying I needed him so. Finally Lisa took pity on me and we switch and he slid that hot poker into me.

I can’t recall when it ever felt so good and hard! Without missing a beat, Lisa climbed onto my face while Michael was doing me almost missionary style with my legs hanging over his desk.

Lisa was on top of me facing him with her back arched so he could suck on her tits while I was licking her from one end of her delicious cunt-crack to the other. When my tongue reached her hard, hooded, clit, she let out a yelp and Michael clamped down on her nipple at the same time. (Michael and I seemed to make a great team).

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Knowing that Lisa was coming from our manipulation of her beautiful body was more than either Michael or I could handle, and I scream (muffled) into her pussy with my orgasm, and Michael lets loose the biggest, hottest, load I’ve ever felt from him or any man! I could feel his cum gushing out of me with each ejaculation, and run down my cunt to pool on the desk below me.

Michael was crying out in what sounded like pain as he came in me. He tried to pull out of me, but Lisa bent down pushing him onto his back, making his beautiful dick pop out of me, sending sperm flying everywhere. Lisa pulls her wonderful pussy away from my mouth and leans over Michael, taking his still spurting cock in her mouth. She swallowed him down like a Hot Dog at the Fun fair.

Afterwards, we all laughed about our “seduction” of Michael and the realization of the menage-a-tois he had so badly desired. I’ll have to admit, I really did enjoy it too and now Lisa and I have a special bond that few women can say they have! And sometimes after a difficult shoot, or on a rainy day, Lisa will come over for some relaxation. We even call Michael if the mood strikes.


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