My old sex story with and old man

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This my another sex story with an old man. 2020 best sex stories with sex gif and captions. Tell me sex stories with GIFs and sex captions.

When the appointed day arrived, I gathered up as much courage as I could, and very nervously headed to the given address. It was about a 20 minute drive from where I worked. I arrived at the house, and pulled into the driveway. Deja vu set in. I had been here once before. I met a nice older gentleman named Rick on Squirt, we chatted a bit, and agreed to meet for coffee. This was a few years earlier, and again, while nervous, I met Rick for coffee. He invited me back to his place, and invited me in. He was a bit older than me, and we sat and chatted in his parlor.

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He said he lived with an older partner who had lost interest in sex, and occasionally met guys for sexual gratification. I was very nervous, and other than hugging, we didn’t do anything. Rick was very understanding, and said maybe next time. I excused myself, and left. Now here I was, at the same house, meeting a much younger guy. I was a bit confused.

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Fast forward back to the present, Kevin was out back washing his car in shorts, flip flops and no shirt. He has a muscular body, a few tattoos, and greeted me warmly with a handshake and a hug. I mentioned having been here once before, and meeting Rick. He laughed, and said that sounded like Rick. He invited me in. We hugged and kissed some more once inside. We went upstairs, and both undressed in one of the bedrooms.

Having been at work all day, Kevin offered to let me shower, which was much appreciated. At that point, my sexual experiences with men were limited to mutual sucking with a buddy back in my 20s, and one tryst with a guy who fucked my virgin ass. He explained the rinse out attachment on the shower, I could figure things out from there. Naked, I trundled down the hall to the bathroom to shower and rinse out, Kevin said make myself at home.

I cleaned up, and returned to the bedroom. Kevin was naked on the bed, OMG he had a gorgeous cock, which looked like it would be huge once fully hard, I climbed in bed, we embraced, started kissing and touching. My head was swimming at this point. Kevin was very patient and easy going with me. I went down on his cock, took as much of it in my mouth as I could, but was gaging on its length and girth. We went back and forth, kissing, sucking, it was a wonderful experience. Kevin began to play with my ass, eventually positioning me so he could rim me. I was in heaven, and while still nervous at taking his monster cock, wanted to feel him in me. It was the first time I had been rimmed. Out came the lube, Kevin fingered me, lubed me up, loosening my tight ass.

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It was time, he positioned himself between my legs, and slowly worked his huge cock balls deep into me. Not only didn’t it hurt at all, it felt wonderful! Much different that my one previous time being fucked. He began to pick up the tempo, and started pounding me hard and deep with his 8″ monster. I shouted encouragement to fuck me harder. At some point, Kevin flipped me on my back, and out came the lube. He lubed up my cock, and put some on his ass. With me on my back, he climbed on top, and lowered himself down on my 7″+ thick cock. I’m not a long as Kevin, but am a bit thicker.

He had a good time riding my cock, and I got to fuck my first man! Could it get any better? Kevin eventually dismounted my cock, and put me in position to take my ass. He put my legs over his shoulders, positioned his cock, and drove it home. He picked up the pace, and was soon breathing hard and dripping sweat on me. I loved watching his face and feeling his cock piston deep inside me with a loud groan, he exploded deep inside me, filling me with his hot seed.

I was in heaven. He collapsed on top of me, and we kissed and cuddled, eventually he pulled out. I was a happy man, having satisfied my new lover, and getting an amazing fucking from such a stud. Not to mention the experience of fucking my first man. It was getting late, and I need to get going. Off to the bathroom to shower, and clean myself up. We kissed on my way out, and made plans to meet again soon. I had a smile on my face and a tingle in my ass the whole drive home.

We met a few more times, each time hotter than the last. Kevin had mentioned having his partner join us at some point. I was cool with the idea, but no definite plans were made. Next time I was at Kevin’s he said he had something special planned for me. By now, I had total trust with him, and was open to whatever he wanted to do. As usual, I stared with a shower, and came back to the bedroom. Kevin had an assortment of restraints laid out. He proceeded to put ankle and wrist restraints on me. He said we’d be going out to the garage behind the house and asked if I wanted a pair of shorts and flip flops. I said thanks, but I’d just warp the towel around me, and was fine walking up the driveway barefoot.

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I knew there was a dentist office on once side and a neighbor’s house close by on the other. I would be clearly visible to both neighbors. The thought of being seen with just a towel wrapped around me and in ankle and wrist restraints was a huge turn on. It would be pretty clear to anyone who saw us what was about to go down.

We went in through a side door. It was a large multi bay garage. On one side, there was a large carpet on the floor. Kevin had me kneel as he kicked off his flip flops and shorts, and I let the towel fall to the floor. He went behind me, and clipped my ankles and wrists together.

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I was now at his mercy for what ever he had planned. He walked over to a work bench, and turned on some electric techno fast beat music to set the mood. I was relaxed but a bit on edge as to what he had planned. Next came a hood, followed by a blindfold.Thumping blaring techno music was rocking the garage, and I could no longer see what was happening. I soon felt Kevin’s big cock at my lips, and hungrily took him into my mouth.

Having been with Kevin several times now, I recognized his taste, smell, and the feel of his cock. As he often did, he made me gag on his big dick, he seemed to enjoy watching me slobber and gag. I soon felt my nipples being pinched and worked. My nipples are wired to my cock, I so enjoy being taken to the edge of pleasure/pain by having my nipples worked hard. Kevin was well aware of this, and knew what I needed.

After some time, Kevin unclipped my restraints. Still hooded and blindfolded, I heard a high pitched buzzing noise. I soon felt the cool wetness of lube being applied to my ass. Then the buzzing noise came closer. I felt something being inserted into my eager willing ass, but it wasn’t Kevin’s cock. It was hard and pulsating. Some kind of sex toy. Kevin ran it in and out of my ass a few times. Something you should know about me, while I’m versatile, I do have a submissive streak.

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I get great pleasure surrendering myself to my partner to be used for their pleasure. It gives me great satisfaction to please my partner. Even though we’d only had sex a few times, after chatting for years, Kevin understood me well and knew exactly what I needed and craved. It seemed Kevin was enjoying dialing the vibrating toy in my ass up and down in intensity as I moaned and shivered from the stimulation. At some point, things became a bit of a blur. I’m sure I was fed Kevin’s cock again. Best I can recall, I was on my knees sucking when I heard a noise.

It was hard to hear over the pulsing music, but as my limited senses focused, I could tell it was the overhead garage door opening. The front of the garage was clearly visible to the neighbor on one side, the dentist’s office on the other, as well as the street. Shit, I’m naked, blindfolded on my knees sucking cock and exposed to anyone going by. I found it scary but exhilarating! Not only am I a submissive cock slut, but I’m an exhibitionist too. Who had entered? What did Kevin have planned? I could hear the door close, and muted voices.

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Soon I detected the presence of another, and a cock was placed to my lips. I eagerly took in inside my hungry mouth, and began to lick and suck it. It wasn’t as big as Kevin’s, but was growing bigger and harder in my mouth. I was enjoying sucking on this stranger, feeling him grow hard in my mouth, and knowing I was providing pleasure, as a good sub should. When looking down under the blindfold, I could see legs and feet of a man who appeared to be older than Kevin. Soon I was being fed Kevin’s cock, as well as the stranger’s.

The beginning of my first all male three way! I still didn’t know who the stranger was, nor did I care. My horniness and instinctive lust for cock took over. After sucking cock for a short time, I was told to lay on my back on the rug. I did as told, as any good sub slut would. I felt something being placed around my head, what was it? I hear someone standing over me, and feel them coming closer to my face. I figure out its the stranger’s ass right over my face when Kevin commands me to eat the stranger’s ass. My first time rimming and I don’t even know who’s ass I’m eating.

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My head is spinning at this point. With no prior experience, I do my best running my tongue up and down his ass and probing his bung hole. Soon, Kevin exchanges places with the stranger, and I’m rimming his hot muscular ass. I’m very oral, love to suck cock, and can now add ass to the menu of things I like to put in my mouth. I found out later they had a toilet seat with short legs on it to be able to sit over my face and be rimmed.

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Time to change it up again, I’m put on the floor on my hands and knees. A cock is shoved in my mouth, and I feel something cool and wet being applied to my ass. Must be lube. I soon feel a cock entering my ass. Another first, cock in the ass, cock filling my mouth, my first spit roasting. Something I’ve come to love doing. Surrendering all control to be used as the total slut I’m quickly turning into.

Places get exchanged, sucking one cock and being fucked by the other. My first time doing it from ass to mouth. I’ve come to enjoy sucking a cock that’s been in my ass, savoring the hint of the taste of my ass on the cock that was just buried deep inside me. My transformation to a total sub slut is almost complete. The pace picks up on the cock reaming my willing ass. I hear grunting, and a loud sigh and realize it’s the stranger driving deep in my ass as he unleashes his hot cum deep inside me.

I’d just been fucked bareback and breed by a total stranger! On one hand, it was exhilarating, yet also frightening. Kevin was only my second cock, and we had discussed fucking each other bareback and agreed we were both comfortable with it. Now a total stranger had just fucked and cum in me, my head was really spinning now, but I was more turned on than ever. I’m not sure how long the back and forth sucking and fucking went on. Finally the hood and blindfold were removed. As my eyes adjusted to the light in the garage, and I looked around, I realized the stranger was Rick, the resident of the house I had met years earlier, Kevin’s partner.

I was introduced to Rick, after I’d sucked his cock, eaten his ass, been well fucked, and taken his hot cum. Did he even remember meeting me years ago? While my first all male threesome, it would be one of many to cum with Kevin and Rick. They took to calling me their piggy boy. If the name fits, what can I say. I’m a cock slut piggy boy.

There was still more to come. Hanging from the rafters in the garage was a sling. I was placed into the sling by Kevin and Rick, and my ankles and wrists were clipped to the chains holding up the sling. My ass was hanging exposed in the air. I’d been fucked by both men, and already breed by one.

I was eager and willing to be fucked more by both. This time I’d be able to see. Rick took another turn in my ass, he’s got a nice cock, and knows how to use it. He said he needed to get back to work, as he was on dinner break. He dressed and kissed Kevin and I good bye. Kevin had not cum yet, and stepped up to the sling. He easily slid his 8″ hard thick cock into my by now well fucked ass. Bet he enjoyed using his partners cum for lube.

As Kevin had done to me in the past, he was quickly hammering my ass, ramming deep inside, and pulling back only to hammer it back in again. I of course was loving it. Dripping in sweat, he grunted loudly, I could tell it was time, as he drove deep in my ass and exploded. I was glad I could provide pleasure to my Master and his partner. I felt a special connection after being bred by both of them. My training to become a good sub slut was well underway.

Kevin asked if I wanted to fuck him. I didn’t need to be asked twice. He unclipped me from the sling, and climbed in. I lubed up my cock, and still wearing my wrist and ankle restraints, stepped up to Kevin’s hot ass. I slowly worked my aching cock into his hot muscular ass. By now, I was a bit tired from all the action. I closed my eyes, and began a rhythmic slow fuck as I thought about all that had just happened. It felt so good to be in Kevin’s ass.

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I now realized my role and Kevin’s hand in fulfilling it. I didn’t cum in Kevin’s ass, but I was well satisfied by that point. He climbed out of the sling. We embraced and shared a deep kiss. Kevin put his shorts and flip flops back on. I wrapped the towel around my waist, my ass and mouth well fucked, with two hot loads of cum in my ass, dripping down my legs. Anyone who saw us walking back to the house would have seen the huge smile on my face, fully satisfied, and looking forward to my new role in life as their piggy slut.

What an experience my first three way was. My first time being restrained, rimming ass, doing ass to mouth, getting spit roasted, taking two cocks and two hot loads. I was willing to do whatever Master Kevin wanted, and would gladly submit to whatever he dished up. It would be the first of many hot sessions with Kevin and Rick to cum.

Sometime I should tell you about the time Kevin invited a body builder friend to join him, Rick and I. My first four way, and first time getting jack hammered by an athletic body builder with a hot cock.


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